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Skyline view of Montreal from the top of Mount Royal - MTL Detours - Montreal Walking Tours - Mont Royal Park - Mount Royal - Montreal Skyline
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Traveler Reviews

What other travelers said about their incredible experience with MTL Detours & Lesley:

"If you've ever taken a tour on vacation you know it can be the guide that makes or breaks it. Lesley's tour is a great mix of personality and places. You come away with a nice overview of the area's history. I would recommend this tour to anyone looking to spend a few interesting hours exploring."

Elliot - Florida, USA

"Lesley was a fantastic tour guide, walking us through the architecture, history, and social and economic development of Montréal while highlighting must visit cafés, bakeries, bars, and restaurants along the way. She was inclusive, energetic, and very passionate. Would highly recommend!"

Stewart - Washington DC, USA

"This was one of the most enjoyable walking tours I’ve ever been on. Lesley clearly enjoys showing off her city and shines with information, passion and energy! Every tip she gave us was a winner! Lesley knows her history and the current state of affairs and she’s truly a lovely person to have spent this time with. Thank You Lesley!"

Sheila - Minnesota, USA

"Hands down Lesley is one of the best tour guides we’ve had. She’s extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. She happily answered all of our questions and provided lots of recommendations at the end of the tour. There isn’t one thing we wouldn’t changed."

Nicole - Uxbridge, Canada

"If you only have a half-day in Montreal, book this tour; if you have a few days, start your trip with this tour. Lesley was enthusiastic about the history of Old Montreal. We walked through Old Montreal one day before, but her stories made us realize how much we have missed without knowing the background stories of the buildings, statues, streets, and stores. As a bonus, at the end of the tour, she gave us a *surprise*, a detailed list about what to do in Old Montreal, and a map! The list and map helped a lot in our following trip, and we used the *surprise* to memorize this fantastic experience!"

Muyang - Toronto, Canada

"Lesley was an outstanding guide. Very friendly and engaging. Excellent tour of the Old Town filled with great historical information and stories. Well paced. At the end of our tour, Lesley provided a sheet with recommended restaurants, cafes, bars and other places to explore plus a beautiful *surprise* to take as a souvenir. Very professional guide. She sent a follow up email that afternoon inviting any questions. I asked about directions to the Allan Institute and she responded with detailed instructions about how to get to the mansion as well as a suggested itinerary of other sights to explore nearby. It formed another beautiful day of sightseeing for us in Montreal. Truly above and beyond. Outstanding customer service from an excellent guide. Highly recommend Lesley of MTL Detours."

Lisa & Dale - Indiana, USA

"Lesley’s tour was honestly the best I’ve ever experienced. Having previously toured Old Montreal Lesley took us to places I’d never before seen not only the main monuments or buildings. She also took the time to write up her must see locations and must eat restaurants (we only hit one but it was amazing!) and speak about more fun or modern things. Thanks Lesley!"

Alexandra - Toronto, Canada

"Don't come to Montreal without doing this tour!! I can't possibly say enough good things about it - it was perfect in every way. Perfect combination of interesting (relevant) history, plus fun facts, great discussion, diverse points of interest along the way, etc. Very lively, engaging and enjoyable overall. I am not normally a "tour" person, but after reading the reviews, I decided to start my first day in Montreal with Lesley, and I'm SO glad I did. Book this for sure!!!!"

Christe - Texas, USA

"Thank you Lesley for showing us around your hometown in such a funny and educative way despite the cold weather. You have hosted one of the best walking tours we’ve ever done (and we’ve done A LOT all around the world), so thank you once again for being such a great ambassador of Montreal. Your tips were very helpful and the activity overall is fantastic, so this is a must do activity for everyone visiting the city!"

Fatima - Madrid, Spain

"What an amazing tour!!! Lesley was a great tour guide, equal parts history telling and pointing out hidden gems of Montréal from restaurants and coffee shops, to shopping and architecture. My husband and I loved it! Honestly if I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Her recommendations for things to do and see in Montréal were great. I recommend anyone going to Montréal to go on this tour, it really helps you see and explore the area!"

Sydney - Owen Sound, Canada

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